Cleveland Helicopter Services

A Professional Approach


Helicopter Instruction and Ferry Services

Flexible options

Checkride Preparation at my location

Checkride preparation with guaranteed success, or the remedial training and retest fee is on me! If you have the required aeronautical experience logged, I can have you ready to go to a designated examiner near me in as little as one week (private rating) or two weeks (commercial or CFI ratings). This will include the flight and ground training necessary to get you ready. Housing available for $50/night.


Flight Instruction at your location and Helicopter Ferry services

$300/day plus expenses for ferrying or training you in your helicopter, at your location. I am experienced in Robinson 22/44/66, Enstrom, Hiller, Cabri G2, Bell 47, Hughes 300, Schweizer 269, Rotorway, and more.

Helicopter Flight Training

Enstrom 280FX, Robinson R22, and R44 are available for flight training in Plymouth Indiana. Advanced scheduling required to have aircraft on location for you. Aircraft are privately owned and available for me to use for flight instruction. Instructor fee is $50/hr

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