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Helicopter Cross Country to Chicago Vertiport

Recently I had a student in town for some R44 proficiency training and flight review. He had never been to Chicago and wondered if we had a place to land near downtown.

The Chicago Vertiport (43IL) is an excellent destination for helicopter cross country flights. A short Uber ride will have you downtown in minutes and you can see the sites and eat Chicago style!

You can follow the lake shore and stay clear of class bravo and charlie airspace when approaching from the East. You must check for stadium TFRs and adjust your approach accordingly when they are active.

The vertiport operates on a unicom, frequency 123.05. Although it is a unicom, you can get them to answer with any questions on the way in/out.

The landing fee was a total of $170 and $50 can be waived with a 30 gallon fuel purchase.

The weather can change fast around Lake Michigan. We watched the radar closely and headed back East just in time to get ahead of some snow that was moving in.

Call to schedule R22, R44, or Enstrom helicopter training. (574)910-0920

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