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IMSAFE and PAVE for helicopter pilots

One quick way to remember all the things that you are responsible for as you prepare for a flight is the FAA acronyms PAVE and IMSAFE.

P- is for Pilot (go to the IMSAFE checklist)

A- is for Aircraft (ensure the aircraft is airworthy)

V- is for enVironment (check the weather carefully across your route)

E- is for External pressure (are you under pressure to fly when any of the above is not what it should be?)

I- is for Illness (do you feel well enough to fly?)

M- is for Medication (are you under the influence of any medication that may cause drowsiness or dizziness?)

S- is for Stress (are you under excess stress?)

A- is for Alcohol (no drinking 8 hours prior to flight and never have a BAC of .04 or greater)

F- is for Fatigue (Always get your proper rest before flying)

E- is for Emotions (Be honest with yourself and do not fly if affected by emotions, life happens!)

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