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Flying a Robinson R22 from Puerto Rico to Texas was the most amazing ferry!

Updated: May 2, 2019

I have delivered many helicopters, but one ferry stands out as "most memorable". I was hired to pick up a Robinson R22 in Puerto Rico and fly it to Texas for the purchaser. The helicopter had been rebuilt by the factory a year prior and was never uncrated. I met with a qualified mechanic, who assembled, inspected, and did blade track and balance before I flew it home on mineral oil.

The entire trip was 26 hours of total hobbs time, with open water crossings of 2.5hrs. The views were amazing. There was some homework to prepare for a flight that involved five countries. Frequencies and fuel services had to be verified. Weather trending had to be monitored closely. I rented a satellite phone for emergencies, since radio contact would be lost at times. I wore an auto inflate life jacket.

You must always stop at a point of entry when first entering a country and clear customs. You must be on an international flight plan and make radio contact prior to crossing ADIZ. The US requires that you have filed an eAPIS as well.

Using high end FBOs proved to be a huge help. If you notify them ahead and email your passport and aircraft information, they have the documents completed and walk you through customs.

Route to Florida

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